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  • Piratebay87's Pod
    Piratebay87's Pod
    Was not expecting 2nd place lol :) but thanks guys :P.
  • Ghostily's Pod
    Ghostily's Pod
    You deserved to win :).
  • Piratebay87's Sacboy
    Piratebay87's Sacboy
    Thanks for the views guys ;), I know my sackboy is funny looking, but I couldn't think of any spectacular costumes I had and this one seemed unique
  • Schnoozzles Sacboy
    Schnoozzles Sacboy
    Thanks for all the ratings, you 68 viewers. :)
  • G1grimlock's Sacboy
    G1grimlock's Sacboy
    This is one of my characters from Crimson Attack so I thought "why not add him!?" And well I added him! I hope you guys like him and good luck to everyone else that's in the con...

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