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Playstation 4

Game says the PS4 will play ALL PS3 digital con...

Oct 18 2013 09:41 AM | Ash-Dash in Playstation 4

According to Game's company Twitter, some great news came about from Sony's Playstation meeting in the United Kingdom. This particular announcement will ease the fears of many Playstation 3 owners in regard to their digital content. According to GAME, Sony will make ALL your digital content on the PS3 playable on the PS4. This is coming from their twitter here.

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The PS4 could inherit the PS3's misconceptions

Oct 05 2013 06:05 AM | Ash-Dash in Playstation 4

It's well known that for the entire duration of the Playstation 3, Sony has had to fight through a great deal of public misconceptions. "The PS3 has no games", " The price is too high", "Nobody buys the PS3 version", etc. Granted, each one of those are untrue statements. But it doesn't change the fact that it resonated and stuck with the PS3 for the duration of the system's lifetime.

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Sony truly listens to gamers by making the Play...

Aug 29 2013 11:10 PM | Ash-Dash in Playstation 4

Sony has recently revealed that their camera can do navigational voice commands just as the competitor's camera device can during their Gamestop Expo. But how the two treat companies their camera devices is very different. One company makes it an option, not forcing it onto their customers that don't want it. The other company is forcing their customers to buy it whether they want to or not.

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Playstation set to be the front runner for both...

Aug 21 2013 07:48 PM | Ash-Dash in Playstation 4

Sony's Gamescon conference has come and gone. During their conference, they made something extremely clear. Two things actually. The first is that they truly embrace the indies unlike any other home system manufacturer. And second, that they're looking to bring as many MMO free to play games to the Playstation for as humanly possible.

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Which company needs to redeem itself the most n...

Aug 17 2013 03:42 PM | Ash-Dash in Playstation 4

This generation in particular was unlike any other before it. While we have seen many great games, we've also seen many blatant negative issues come about. Whethere it be exploitation, DLC abuse, fan neglect, or just plain greed, this generation was rife with it. Many companies are guilty. But Square Enix, Capcom, and Electronic Arts are probably the three that are among the top in that regard. So between the three, which one do you feel needs to redeem itself the most?

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