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PS 4 will make me pay to play. Then my gaming days are numbered.

E3 came with with a plethora of news (as it always does) for the gaming Playstation gaming world. It eased everyone's worries in regard to online checks, DRM, ownership, used games, etc. However, that piece of news came with on negative that was barely advertised. And it's enough to make me question as to whether my time as a gamer is numbered.
I love Playstation and I've been a fan from the very beginning of the brand. But it pains me to say that this current home system (the Playstation 3) might be my final Playstation purchase in not only Playstation, but gaming as a whole.

Last night, Sony showed an advertisement that was clearly a direct jab at Microsoft's DRM and sharing policies. Here is the very hilarious video:

But the problem is within the fine print at the bottom of the video. Playstation Plus will be required for online play. For me personally, THAT is where the problem is. One of the keys that made me love Playstation over what Microsoft's offering (aside from the games) was the fact that I could play my games online freely. And even though I personally have (and love) Playstation Plus, the fact that they locked online gaming behind it (the same way Microsoft did) is something I simply can't support.

Truth be told, Plus is a great service. It gives you a plethora of games. Additional discounts beyond the normal discounts of PSN, exclusive betas, early demos, themes, avatars, etc. But the most intriguing part of it was that buying it was a CHOICE. It wasn't something you had to do to fully enjoy the system you spent your hard earned money on. And it's a choice I made without regret from the day the service began.

But this is about principle. Microsoft started a very nasty ideal of taking things that should be free and making you pay for them. And unfortunately, they've proven that people are gullible enough to put their money into it. In that sense, I don't blame Sony for doing the same. If Microsoft can cut your system functions in half, why can't Sony right? However, the "monkey see, monkey do" idea here isn't very welcoming to those of us that have played freely for all these years.

And just because I already have Plus, don't think it doesn't affect me (or you) for that matter. Because it does. If you give a company an inch, they'll take a mile. So unless they retract this idea of making people pay for what was once free, My final system from them will be my current PS3.

This might be their way to alleviate the fact that they support used games, have no DRM, no 24 hour checks,etc. But I'm not so sure it's worth it if this is the result.


I think you are taking it way too seriously, they are losing money, Microsoft made $1 billion just off gold, for $400 and plus required isnt bad also free to play is based on game by game basis
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