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Rumor: Bloody Roar may be coming exclusively to the Playstation 4

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Sony may be getting a new (old) fighting franchise exclusive to their system. Currently, according to an undisclosed source at SCEA, Sony is in talks with Konami (who dissolved Hudson and gained rights to their franchises last year) to bring back the old franchise, Beastorizer. Better known as Bloody Roar. The word is Sony has approached Konami with the idea of reviving the franchise on the Playstation 4. The chance of this becoming exclusive is high as Sony themselves will be paying part of the development cost. Similar to the way Nintendo has paid for Bayonetta 2.

There are some very good things that can come of this. For one, it would give Sony their own fighting game outside of the other third party ones they share with the competing systems. Bloody Roar isn't anywhere near as big as the Street Fighters, Tekkens,or Dead or Alives of the world. But this would be a great new start for the franchise. Especially if it turns out to be a launch title.

E3 is only a couple of weeks away, so if we're lucky, there will be some truth to the rumor.


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