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Should God of War be reinvented or retold on the Playstation 4?

The God of War series and Kratos will always be cherished among the Playstation fanbase. But at some point, everything must either come to an end or be reborn if it will stave off becoming mundane. The God of War series has had an excellent run. Not a good run or great run. An excellent run. But with the main story now completed, the series is reduced to prequels and side stories. Much like what has happened to Metal Gear (excluding Metal Gear Rising).

With the Playstation 4 coming up, now might be a good time to reinvent the series from the beginning. Or better yet, retell it in a new way. But each has its positives and negatives. Either way, if Sony is to continue the God of War franchise in the next system cycle, something has to happen. Let's look at both

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Reinventing (altenate story) God of War from the beginning:

For the sake of familiarity, this would be a probable choice. The game could potentially set in a way that the player makes choices the total opposite of what he did in the previous games in the series. Thus, this would give off a somewhat "what if" stlyed alternate reality to the game.

The positive of this comes in the safety of the franchise being familiar. The negative of this could very well be that same familiarity. When things are too familiar, they become boring and mundane no matter how great the game is.

Retelling (reborn) the story in a new way:

One thing God of War has over games like Gears of War, Metal Gear, and any of the other games that are in their prequel/ side story phase is that it doesn't necessarily HAVE to be that way. Whereas most games started their stories as someone's idea, God of War's origin comes from Greek lore. The good thing about lore is that multiple societies have their own take on things such as deities. With the Greek Gods story told, Sony can use other lores.

Norse Gods, Egyptian Gods, Aztec Gods, Mayan Gods, Roman Gods, etc. The list goes on. It would almost be like slapping on a new coat of pain. But the risk/ reward factor in doing this is extremely high.

The positive would be that this would be a great way to have the God of War franchise totally reborn instead of a simple "reboot" like so many other franchises that are stale on ideas have done. The fans might welcome the idea. The negative with this however is that because of this being unfamiliar, the fans may not take to it. And we've seen time and time again how angry fans get when a developer tries something new and messes with time honored classics.

But what do you personally think? Should God of War be start over with the new system cycle? Or, should Sony take this chance to bring a new story with a new set of Gods?

You decide!!!


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