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Sony's respect for indies now could lead to AAA exclusives without having to buy them later

If there is one thing that Sony has shown off in the past three years, it is their willingness to love, nurture, and respect the independent developers. They even made a point to devote a decent portion of their E3 conference to showcasing the independents. But there can be a lasting effect that many people may or may not realize.
Most of the time (not all the time), independent developers are people that have very little experience in the industry or at worst case, none at all. And in an industry such as gaming where experience is paramount, that usually leaves some (not all) indie developers stuck trying to find ways to prove themselves, just for even a little bit of notice. Unless you're a developer that made a name for his/herself with a company before hand, it's a huge problem because not many are willing to publish their games.

This is where Sony becomes the blessing for the indie community. They first started with the Pub fund, where they would pay part of the fees for the development of independent games. But recently, they've taken the Pub fund idea and expanded it even more. Now they've dropped publishing fees and allow developers to self publish their own games on the PS4, PS3, and PS Vita. This is a great thing for indie small developers trying to make their mark. Because now, they don't have to worry about a publisher having demands weigh on them nor have to worry about the publisher taking a chunk of their hard earned money.

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The general consensus around the development community for indies is that Sony is "the place" to be. And you'd be very hard pressed to find a single independent developer having anything negative to say about Sony. Almost every single one of them say that the love and support Sony has given them is second to none. And because of that, this builds upon something money can't buy, loyalty.

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These independents are being allowed to cultivate their own skills while getting noticed within the Playstation ecosystem. And some (not all) will have a great respect for that. And with that respect comes the possibility of exclusives. And the best part is, Sony may not have to pay them to do it. No, instead, they'll want to do it because of the appreciation shown and freedom given to them. And at best, even if some of these indies move onto bigger companies are start them on their own, they may give Sony priority or exclusivity all because of Sony's "foot in the door" ideal.

The next "blockbuster" game is only an idea away. It can come from anyone, anywhere, and at any time. Sony has clearly shown their understanding of this very real fact.


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