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Will Socom fans appreciate H Hour: World's Elite?

Socom is one of those franchises in gaming where they players are fierce and extremely competitive. They are devoted as they are vocal. And they have no problems telling the developer of their favorite series what they like/ don't like. They loved the first two games on the PS2 as well as the PSP versions. They didn't seem too fond of the any of the others beyond that. Even with Zipper Interactive now gone, Sony has stated that they weren't done with Socom. But there may not be a need to wait for them. This is where H Hour: World's Elite comes in.

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H Hour: World's Elite is literally being called the spiritual successor to the early Socom games. Funded through Kickstarter, the game is set to make its way to both the Playstation 4 and PC. The H Hour project is being lead by none other than the lead developer and creator of the old Playstation 2 Socom games, David Sears. That in itself may make many old fans happy. But that doesn't exactly mean people should rest easy just yet. Time and time again, we've seen "developers we trust" turn out games the general populace didn't take a liking to in this day and age. A good example of that is John Carmack and the game called "Rage".

When Socom first it the scene, tactical shooters were a fairly new thing on home systems. Even on the personal computer at that time, the only one available was Valve's Counterstrike. And games like Call of Duty, although in existence, weren't exactly tactical like the PS2 Socom games or Counterstrike. So pickings were pretty slim. But that worked in Socom's favor because that in itself enabled the game to become a smash hit almost instantly.

The problem H Hour: World's Elite faces however is that times have changed drastically since the PS2 era. Gamers aren't patient with games that have complexity and detail the way the old Socom games did. The run and gun simple game play of Call of Duty styled games are what the vast majority turn to these days. But that doesn't indicated that H Hour won't have it's own place. The real issue at hand is will the Socom fans appreciate H Hour: World's Elite? For the game's sake, I hope all the so called "true Socom fans" show up and buy this game. But that's my personal wish, not a fact that will/ won't become reality.


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