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Playstation Vita

Will Soul Sacrifice, PSO 2, and God Eater 2 suc...

Nov 24 2013 03:16 PM | Ash-Dash in Playstation Vita

The Monster Hunter franchise was on of the PSP's biggest hits. Even though it started as a PS2 game, it really blossomed on the handhelds. So much so that most people hardly remember the first game (the PS2 one) at all. But despite the great success the franchise had on the Playstation Portable, Capcom decided to take the series away from Playstation and make the series for Nintendo. This gave way to many games to potentially fill the vacant void that Capcom so willingly left behind.

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Destiny of Spirits Beta gameplay

Oct 28 2013 12:32 AM | Ash-Dash in Playstation Vita

Recently, Sony has sent out emails to Vita owners giving them access to the Destiny of Spirits Beta. I've put together two showings of the game for those that are intersted. The is a social game collaboration between Q-Games and Sony Japan Studios. With the Beta now underway, we can now show you live gameplay.

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Isn't it about time the Vita had some appre...

Oct 02 2013 09:18 AM | Ash-Dash in Playstation Vita

The Playstation Vita is Sony's second full fledged handheld gaming unit. When it was first announced and revealed, many people were pleased with the design. People were even more pleased with the initial price tag. However, when the competition lowered their price, suddenly the same masses that were happy with the price retorted with the complaint of the price was too high. However, in the past year, many things have changed with the Vita that make the system worth a second look. And more importantly, worth the respect it rightfully deserves.

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The Vita does indeed have an identity, you just...

Jun 08 2013 03:26 PM | Ash-Dash in Playstation Vita

One of the most prominent complaints that have hit the Playstation Vita (and the Playstation Portable as well) is that the handheld have no identity of its own. Both the Vita and the PSP have been seen as mostly side story machines, getting side story...

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