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Beat em Ups that should be revived on PSN for the modern age

The beat em up fighting games hasn't enjoyed much recognition in recent years past. In the late 80's and 90's however, these games were the height of arcade gaming. In recent times, games like Double Dragon Neon has made an attempt to bring life back to the nearly forgotten genre. Not to mention there have been a few old arcade remakes put onto PSN like Final Fight and the Dungeons and Dragons games. However, currently, the most important game of the genre is Vanillaware's upcoming game, Dragon's Crown.
In order to bring the genre back to popularity however, more classic remakes will possibly have to be remade in HD so that developers can bring new ideas and projects to life. And the good thing is, there are plenty to choose from. Let's list some of the more popular ones that can/should be remade in HD for PSN. If that happens, we may see more new projects like Dragon's Crown come to life, thus reviving the genre

Alien vs Predator

Out of the many beat em up games from the arcades that could/should be on PSN, this one is the most suprising that it's not already on the network. This game was hard hitting and the music combined elements of both horror music and action based music perfectly. Even though many 90's arcade beat em ups allowed for up to four players, this one only allowed up to three, even though there was a total of four characters to choose from ( 2 human and 2 predator).

Captain America and the Avengers

Had they put this game on PSN while the first movie was new or when either of the cartoon series (Avengers Earth Mightiest Heroes or Avengers Assemble), it would have been a prime time for the game to hit the network. The media themselves would have done the marketing for them. Captain America and the Avengers was a beat em up featuring Captain America, Iron Man, Hawkeye, and Vision (during the time in comics when he was a ghost). Even though it wasn't as action packed as some of Capcom's or Konami's offerings, this game was purely for the comic buff. Old school gamers and comic fans alike will remember this game fondly and it would have been a welcome addition to PSN

Gaia Crusaders

Gaia Crusaders was one that truly went under the radar by most people. Part of the reason for that was because it was on the Neo Geo arcade cabinet. While this game didn't have recognition outside of gaming like Captain America and the Avengers or Alien vs Predator, it did have character design that stood out. Another thing that set this game apart was the various combinations of attacks the players could pull off. Thanks to the four button design of the Neo Geo, Gaia Crusaders had a gameplay advantage over the other beat em ups, most of which still used the two/ three button design. The game would be a great candidate for a PSN re release, even if it's not in HD.

Knights of the Round

Knights of the Round is quite possibly among the top 5 most popular beat em up games of all time. This particular beat em up gathered more crowds that most game when it first game out. The gameplay borrowed heavily from Final Fight, however, the theme of the game was placed in the time of knights, dungeons, and the crusades. Not to mention the soundtrack itself is celebrated more than most games of that era. The game was very profitable in the arcade and it would be wise to give it a PSN re release or HD remake to attempt to capitalize on that.

There are plenty of beat em ups that weren't mentioned here. Spider-Man, Captain Commando, King of Dragons, Punisher, etc. To be fair, there are countless beat em ups that need some sort of PSN revival. But hey, we all have our opinions on that matter.


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