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Have Japanese developers finally realized they need Sony?

There is a general circle in game development. Software needs hardware. Hardware needs software. Both need each other to keep the industry thriving. So with that said, Sony and their third party support need to have a fruitful relationship. But during the early part of the PS3/Wii/360 era, something changed.

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Whether it be by paying off Japanese companies or the Playstation 3's late entry, many of the Japanese companies and developers made games exclusively for Microsoft. Companies like Namco Bandai, Square Enix, and others gave Sony's competitor exclusive games. However, no matter how much money and advertising Microsoft threw out in Japan, it wasn't enough to put those exclusive games in the positive sales column.

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Eternal Sonata from Namco Bandai didn't make enough on the competitor's system so they ended up having to port it to the Playstation 3. Tales of Vesperia, another former exclusive to the 360 also did financially poor the first time around and also had to be ported to the PS3 to make up the costs. And the Tales series hasn't hit the 360 since and according to the series producer, the franchise won't be going back to a Microsoft system any time soon.

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Much like Namco Bandai, Square Enix also felt the pinch and learned the lesson of going Microsoft exclusive. Their game, Last Remnant was originally planned for both the PS3 and 360. The 360 one came out and did so poorly they decided the franchise wasn't even worth the effort. Then they brought out Star Ocean: The Last Hope. Again, much like previous Japanese games on the 360, it failed to make profit and had to be ported to the PS3 to cover the cost.

What this all boiled down to is an American company, with an American system trying to sell the games the people want on a system the people don't. In time, it seems as reality with the lack of sales the support to Sony began to return. And even this late in the PS3 life cycle and early into the PS4's, Japanese developers are echoing their want to work with Sony with little to no plans to go to their closest competitor in the exclusive sense this time around. Hideo Baba, the Tales series producer officially stated he's in early planning for Tales games for the Playstation 4 and not the Xbox 1. And recently, Atlus has went on a Persona storm, which culminated Persona 5 coming to the Playstation 3 exclusively. Then you have Aksys Games, realizing their fighting games don't sell well on Microsoft's brand have been making exclusive annoucments for Sony as of late such as BlazBlue: Chronophantasma and and Persona 4: The Ultimax Ultra Suplex Hold.

These are no coincidences by any means. But you be the judge on that.


Japan Does Not Need Microsoft....should be the title.


The Xbox 360 was M$ most important strategic make or brake console after the original Xbox. With the PS2 in its 6th year and to under cut the PS3, M$ launched the 360 with multi billion dollar budget, truck loads of money, media buyout, developer and publisher buy out you name it.


M$ did everything! Like $100 million to steal FF XIII exclusivity from PS3, and all that sort of thing.. Japan was caught off guard with an avalanche of M$ money! Compounded with their economic crisis they were forced to hold the blade. It was total chaos for the video game industry!


but in the end the gamers vote with their wallets in favor of Sony.and want nothing of M$ BS.


While Sony was battling against the money monster Nintendo was wise to go cheap and casual and enjoyed years of no competition but their Wii U console business can not survive the PS4.


Xbox One will be knocked out in round one.


Like PS>GameCube+Xbox....PS2 x 2 = PS4 Era has begun.

A time of peace and prosperity and progress for the video game industry.


With the PS4 so easy to develop games for, it just has to be this way for the greater good of developers-Japanese, Asian or Western.

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