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If Sony utilizes their Trophy based disc patent, would you replay your old games?

Last week, it became public knowledge that Sony had a patent filed last September for a certain technology. This technology would allow gamers to gain trophies on games that otherwise never have trophies patched in or a trophy system at all in general. This in itself can have a huge effect on the Playstation ecosystem going forward.

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On the outset, this is something that would potentially make trophy hunters immediately happy. Especially if they were among the early adopters of the system. This is because for the first two years, Sony had no trophy/reward system infused into the Playstation ecosystem. This meant some of the best games such as Valkyria Chronicles, Resistance, Heavenly Sword, Folklore and more all went without trophies. Which is how they still stand to this very day.

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But if Sony makes use of this patent for the PS4 or even currently for the PS3. Those same games can potentially get a second chance at virtual life. Case in point, one of the biggest (potentially THE biggest) game of the launch period that gamers begged for to have trophies was Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. When the trophy patch finally released, Konami reported seeing an enormous amount of player activity. This shows us that something as simple as rewards will make the gamers come back to games at are aged.

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However, the patent doesn't stop at the PS3. This can be a potential trophy bringer to the PS1 and PS2 libraries as well. If the Playstation Blog is anything to go buy, PS1 and PS2 classics are always consistently asked for and about. And it's common knowledge at this point that PS1 and PS2 games don't have trophies. This patent can change that and potentially bring a surge of Playstation retro gamers out in full force to up their trophy count as now, trophies would be available on them.

Now the question is, are trophies enough to make you break open your old boxes of PS1 and PS2 games for a trip down memory lane?


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