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Playstation Plus: a great service with ungrateful customers

Some things flourished with the beginning of the Playstation 3 era such bigger games and systems that could do more than just "play games". One of those such things that has blossomed since it's release is Playstation Plus. However, as the PS Plus service grew and became great, something else grew too. Sometimes it can be justifiable. Most of the time, it's not. What we're talking about here is entitlement.

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When the Playstation Plus service started, it initially gave people 1 PSN game, 2 PS Classics, and 1 PS Mini. Some people like the idea, others didn't. They also gave free themes and avatars as well as special deals outside of normal PSN. However, the longer you kept PS Plus, the more it grew for each individual customer as long as they continued to buy into the service. Gamers that had it from the start surely have an enormous backlog of games.

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The Backlogs of games really exploded when Sony expanded on the game portion of the service with the Instant Game Collection, otherwise know as the IGC. Now gamers had at least 12 PSN/ PS3 games to choose from, with some games being mainstay for about a year and the others alternating. A year later, They included the PS Vita library into the mix, offering 5 free Vita games a month with 2 mainstays and 3 alternating.

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However, with this abundance of gaming goodness came whining and entitlement. The North American customers complained that Europe got the better games. The European customers complained North America got better deals. And with both, it doesn't matter what "free" games are given per month or what deals were offered, you always seen numerous people unhappy about the content.

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The worst part is the complaining started for the Playstation 4 component of PS Plus almost right out the game. The system is not even a month old and people are already complaining about no new "free games for the PS4 in December. It's as if they have no regard to the fact that the system only JUST released. Just how many games can they give them for a system that JUST launched?

I understand we pay for the service and we demand it be worth our hard earned money. But what I don't understand is why so many of Playstation Plus customers expect Sony to basically move heaven and earth. Right now, they give free games for the PS4, PS3, and PS Vita. And the price has ALWAYS stayed the same no matter how they upgraded the service. So you're getting "free" games for 3 systems at the same charge it's ALWAYS been.

Some people even stop buying games because they "expect" certain ones to go "free" on the PS Plus service. And then have the nerve to get mad when the game they want DOESN'T go free on PS Plus.

Playstation Plus is a great service, yet has some of the most self entitled customers I've ever seen.

It's like that old saying, "You give someone an inch, they'll take a mile". In the case of Playstation Plus and its customer base, the saying rings so true it's painful.


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