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PS Plus shows just how much indies love Sony

All through this year's gaming events (E3, Gamescon, PAX, TGS, etc), Sony has consistently relayed a single, solid message. The message was "we love indies". The fact that fees were waived and giving the ability to self publish went a long way to showing just how strongly Sony was committed to the independent development world. And the biggest reason Indies have been so positive is because this was Sony's message right from the start, without the need to change policies or backtrack.

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At each gaming event show this year, we've heard about indie after indie not just supporting 1 Playstation platform, but multiple ones. Games constantly were announced as PS3/PS Vita, PS4/PS Vita, PS3/PS4/PS Vita. And if that wasn't a showing of love for Sony by the indie community enough, a good chunk of those games are exclusive to the Playstation ecosystem. There is one other huge aspect about this that's worth noting, the Playstation Plus factor.

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Playstation Plus has been great for all parties involved as it matured. Developers get a cut of the money from Playstation Plus for the duration that their game and/or product remains a "free" download. They also get free exposure assuming they plan on making a sequel. And then there's the customer, who of course gets to build a library of "free" games to play for the duration of their membership in the program. The Playstation Plus November preview shows us the first Playstation 4 games to enter the Plus program. And the fact that both of the first games are indie shows just how much love and faith the independent community has in Sony moving forward.

Sony has made a point to assist and nuture the indie community. And in turn, the indies have begun to return the favor. Independents see the value of being in the Plus program because not only does it bring them instant money, but it brings them mass exposure as well. Those two things are vital when you don't have a publisher's bankroll. But even with that, it shows a great deal of faith on the indie community's part to turn down sales money (which could have potentially been much more) for guaranteed duration money. Either way, there is an insurance there that the indies will get their money worth for their time and effort in the program


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