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Playstation 4 14 articles

Game says the PS4 will play ALL PS3 digital con...
Oct 18 2013  According to Game's company Twitter, some great news came about from Sony's Playstation meeting in the United Kingdom. This particular announcement will ease the fears of many Playstation 3 owners in regard to their digital content. According to GAME, Sony will make ALL your digital content on the PS3 playable on the PS4. This is coming from their twitter here.

Playstation 3 4 articles

Capcom is bringing Monster Hunter Frontier G to...
Aug 09 2013  For most of the current generation, Capcom has made a point to keep the Monster Hunter franchise away from brand it built its legacy off of, Playstation. Eventually, Capcom decided to bring the series almost exclusively to Nintendo ever since. I say almost because they even gave the Xbox 360 a version that was only released in Japan. Even worse, the biggest slap to their Playstation fans was when they showed Monster Hunter running on the Vita and even spoke about how natural it felt. Yet they haven't given a Monster Hunter to the Vita yet. So to many, it came as a shock that Capcom announced Monster Hunter Frontier G for the PS3, especially this late in the life of the system. But they may because they're at a point that they have to.

Playstation Vita 7 articles

Will Soul Sacrifice, PSO 2, and God Eater 2 suc...
Nov 24 2013  The Monster Hunter franchise was on of the PSP's biggest hits. Even though it started as a PS2 game, it really blossomed on the handhelds. So much so that most people hardly remember the first game (the PS2 one) at all. But despite the great success the franchise had on the Playstation Portable, Capcom decided to take the series away from Playstation and make the series for Nintendo. This gave way to many games to potentially fill the vacant void that Capcom so willingly left behind.

Playstation Deals 43 articles

Playstation Gamer Deals (January 26 - February 1)
Jan 26 2014  Hello Playstation Gamers! We've found some nice deals for both current and pre order games across the Playstation platforms. Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes is available for digital preorder right now. Starhawk is priced at $4.99. And Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational is available for under $10

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